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Benefits of combining mechanical equipment inspections with PAT testing

Benefits of combining mechanical equipment inspections with PAT testing

Juggling inspection requirements for the mechanical equipment on your site can feel complicated… so many dates to track, bookings to make and visits to arrange.

There’s no avoiding these inspections - they’re required at least annually by law – but you probably wish you could minimise the resulting disruption, admin time and cost to your business, right?

Good news – you can get PAT testing done at the same time as other mechanical inspections

Whether you run a workshop, manage facilities on a site that uses passenger and goods lifts, or you’re responsible for the inspection of equipment in a fleet of service vans – it might feel like you need the memory of an elephant.

Being multi-disciplined, HESL will carry out your mechanical inspections and test your electrical equipment on the same day. That means you don’t have to keep track of multiple dates and communicate with a variety of suppliers to book in visits, arrange site access, or obtain and renew certification.

Our Central Planning Department takes care of all of it for you, in one go – and we’ll send you renewal reminders for even greater ease and peace of mind.

Less on-site disruption

Most mechanical equipment needs to be temporarily taken out of service to be inspected, so each examination has the potential to impact the productivity of your business. Daily schedules and the usual movement of people around your site could also be interrupted.

Because Engineer Surveyors from HESL can do PAT testing and other inspections in one go, your organisation need only experience one period of interruption, on one day. Safety and compliance should never be compromised - but neither should production targets, shift rotas, opening hours and timetables.

When we take your booking, we’ll ask you when the most convenient point in the day/week is and try to work around what suits your site and operations best.

Saves time

Safety inspections must be driven by quality – first and foremost. Our engineers work with an emphasis on quality, not quantity – cutting no corners to achieve full compliance. However, that doesn’t mean your inspection process is going to take ages to complete.

Getting your PAT testing booked in at the same time as other statutory examinations of mechanical equipment will save your organisation time overall because HESL will do them in one neat, streamlined package.

No need to meet multiple Engineer Surveyors on different dates – our multi-disciplined team has the knowledge and training to examine all your mechanical equipment in accordance with the current regulations.

Just as we invest in the professional development of our staff, we also invest in the latest testing equipment so we can provide a more efficient service. Smart testers and software from Kewtech allows our Engineer surveyors to quickly and easily test electrical appliances with a handheld device, feeding all measurements back to our centralised database in real-time, for future reference.

That means your equipment gets instant certification – and we can print out the PAT pass sticker there and then.

Doesn’t cost the earth

Everybody is becoming more aware of their environmental impact. Your organisation is looking for ways to be greener – and you may even have targets or obligations to keep your supply chain as environmentally-friendly as possible.

When you work with HESL, rest assured that we plan all inspections proactively, in a way that minimises the carbon footprint of our van journeys. Combining your inspections also helps us – and you – to get inspections done in a greener and more cost-effective way. Resulting fuel economies often provide a cost saving that benefits us all as well.

The Engineer Surveyors at HESL carry out inspections within a set radius of their home. Not only is this better for the environment – it means you’ll usually get to see the same friendly, DBS-checked, local face each time you have your mechanical equipment inspected.

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